2014 had a rough ending.

Since late in November, I have been healing from some pretty deep wounds, and although the wound is healing well, and is not as raw as it once was, I realized last week as I was trying to reassess and set goals and priorities for 2015, that my thoughts were still being influenced by it's bite. So I came to the Cross, tainted glasses adorning my eyes, as feelings of a failure…confused, bewildered and astonished resurfaced. I again hit my knees, spent time in the Word and filled my ears with worship…I allowed Him to change my gaze. He gave me HIS view of my life and of the success 2014 brought.

As a family, we have had some rough times this past year, but overall, the year was measured in triumphs and victories.

For me personally, the Lord led me to spend considerably more time with my family…AT HOME! We are always together, but being home and cultivating our family life is different from just being together. As my children have gotten older the pull of extras has been great and I have felt that I needed to recultivate. 2014 was a year of coming home for us. We pared down and were intentional to be home. This school year our extras are on one day of the week, allowing us to be home the rest of the days. Victory!

I also felt convicted to be more intentional with my meal planning and grocery shopping last year. You see…I love to cook…IF I have the groceries and know WHAT I’m going to cook. The decision making process at meal time is not a good plan for me…and grocery shopping is my least favorite activity! This year I have made and stuck to (for the most part) a monthly menu. It is working well for us and meal time is less challenging. Remember…when your goal is to be HOME more and you homeschool and your hubby offices at home…there are MANY meals involve! But, again, Victory!

God has been talking to me about commUNITY for a couple years. He has woven His ideas as threads into the tapestry of who I am. In 2014, I loved on those in my commUNITY. I fed them at my table, both spiritually and physically. I laughed with them and cried with them. I prayed with and for them. And although the commUNITY I am with doesn't look like people may expect, it is the commUNITY where the Lord has placed me and I am so grateful and thankful to know these women and love on them and their families and to have IMPACT on their lives for the Glory of God. VICTORY, again!

Yes, there are many areas in my life that still need work. My goal of monthly dates with hubby and special times with the kids didn’t happen most of the year. I fell short of meeting you here in this place consistently. My house is still in need of some repairs that didn’t happen last year. I didn’t read as many books as I would have liked. But coming to the Cross allowed me to see the failures in the shadow of the Victories instead of letting the failures overshadow the victories.

Do you have on tainted glasses? Are you looking at your life through your shortcomings or someone else’s expectations, or are you beholden of the beautiful work of art you are to the one who painted the canvas of your life? God knows the dreams He dreams for you! He sees your success and they are not overcome by your failures. Friend…take off the glasses that are dirty and unclean. Look into the perfect will of the Father…look into HIS mirror through HIS eyes and see the miracle you are. Only then can you look forward with victory and great anticipation at the year to come.

Happy 2015 to you and yours!